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For a schedule ‘Dead Sea Story’ expedition: $12 per person

For a 360 produced interactive expeditions for personal watch: $5

Personal One Expedition

25-49  people = $24 per person

50- 99 people = $14  

Over 100 = $8   

Personal Two Expedition:

25-49 = $40 per person

50-99- $25 per person

Over 100 = $13

Does the cost include tax and VAT?2020-08-17T05:28:18+00:00

All proceeds of the Dead Sea Story’s services are tax deductible in Israel, payments  go directly into the environment non-profit NGO- The Dead Sea Revival Project- www.deadsearevival.org 

What if I subscribed to a live virtual expedition and wasn’t able to participate, will I receive a refund?2020-08-17T05:28:26+00:00

Full refund for subscribed live expedition, will be granted up until 7 days before the scheduled ride.  A recording of the virtual expedition will be sent to those who weren’t able to join us.

What makes the ‘live’ virtual expedition unique then just receiving a recording that one can watch and experience in their own free time?2020-08-17T05:28:43+00:00

It is possible to watch a recording of a subscribed expedition, at your own convenience and time.  However, during the‘ live’ virtual expedition, there is an opportunity to interact during the expedition, ask questions and experience the journey as it is occurring.

Are the live virtual expeditions unlimited with the number of participants? Is there a minimum number of participants?2020-08-17T05:28:49+00:00

The live virtual expeditions can be reserved exclusively with a custom request limited number of participants, however, the open to the public live virtual expeditions are unlimited.

To whom will you recommend joining to live Dead Sea virtual expeditions, and from what age is it appropriate?2020-09-11T08:47:01+00:00

The live Dead Sea virtual expeditions are recommended to those who fell in love with land of Israel and especially the Dead Sea- Israel’s World Wonder. The virtual expeditions can be costum oriented for families, community/congregation/group/ youth educational and cultural events, college campus students, elderly homes.

The expedition is appropriate will be from 8th grade and over. 

What Methods of Payments Are Accepted?2020-08-17T05:29:06+00:00

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Offering Four Unique Virtual Expeditions of the Dead Sea

Life in the Dead Sea

Experiencing life emerging out of the Dead Sea’s salty rich mineral waters.

rsvp Expedition

The Jordan River Delta

Exploring the emerging of two ancient and mystical water treasures

rsvp Expedition

The Deserted Mineral Beach

Explore the dramatic environmental impact of sinkholes on the Dead Sea shore

rsvp Expedition

The Dead Sea’s Jungle

Exploring the Lowest Nature Reserve on Earth

rsvp Expedition

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