The Jordan River Delta into the Dead Sea

We virtually explore the emerging of two ancient and mystical water treasures shared by Israel and its neighbouring country – The Kingdom of Jordan.

On this high-level security and strategic expedition, we will visualize the shrinking flow of the Dead Sea’s historical water source, get a real close up to the Jordanian posts across the narrow river and discuss the topic ‘water diplomacy’ with a security expert, in one of the world’s most water-scarce regions, where clean and drinkable water is the most valuable asset in the Middle East.

Cost Per Person is $12

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Some Information About the Expedition

  • The LIVE expeditions are 45-60 minutes long.

  • The virtual expeditions will be streaming live on ‘zoom’.
    After subscribing to the event, you will receive a link, a reminder to your calendar/email and a recording of the expedition followed by the live one.
  • You can experience the expedition either on your personal phone or laptop screen.

  • There will be a chance to ask questions and interact during the live expedition, however, it is recommended to schedule a Dead Sea Story virtual zoom class after the expedition, where we will be able to interact once again, answer all of your question thoroughly, summarize our journey and expand content and expertise on relevant topics according to your choosing.

  • A scheduled live virtual expedition open to the public will take place twice a month, accompanied by professionals and local leaders from various backgrounds.

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Exploring the Dead Sea.

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